COVID Response Fund FAQS

    1. Why is Impact JC launching a COVID-19 response fund and where will those funds be allocated?

Impact Jersey Coast is committed to maximizing the impact of our shared dollars. Given the severity of the pandemic and the compounding negative impact on the nonprofit  community across the state, the Impact 100 Jersey Coast Leadership Team has decided to mobilize our resources to address the crisis at hand.  After carefully considering numerous options and assessing best practices in the local funding community, we have selected the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund (NJPRF), a state-wide fund that will be managed by the Community Foundation of New Jersey, who is our trusted fiscal partner and parent 501(c)3.

2. What is the NJ Pandemic Relief Fund (NJPRF) and why does it exist?

NJPRF was launched at the end of March 2020, with the mission to raise funds and coordinate resources to fight the medical, social and economic impact of COVID-19 on New Jersey’s most vulnerable. NJPRF has no affiliation with any government entity. NJPRF will provide grants to existing organizations with a demonstrated track record of caring for vulnerable communities. One hundred percent of donations received online by NJPRF will be used to fight the medical, social, and economic impact of COVID-19 on New Jersey’s most vulnerable, supporting organizations that provide essential services and aiding those on the front line of the pandemic. For more information on the NJPRF please visit their website here.

3. How will the Impact 100 Jersey Coast response be funded?

On an annual basis, each member makes an $1,100 donation to Impact Jersey Coast. $1,000 is allocated to the grant fund while $100 is a membership fee used to offset operating costs such as membership events and our CFNJ fund management fee.  After extensive discussion and a majority vote, the Advisory Group decided to give each member the option to allocate $50 of her 2020 membership fee to make a one-time gift to the NJ Pandemic Relief Fund.  It’s important to emphasize that from a grant making perspective, we are staying the course and executing on the promise to our members that every dollar of their combined $1,000 contributions will go to our 2020 grant fund and, ultimately, be awarded to the nonprofits voted upon by our greater membership this November.

4. What is my additional $100 used for each year and how are you able to give $50 of it away?

Each year we collect an additional $100 from each member to offset costs related to membership activities and our operational expenses such as technology, marketing, printing costs. Membership activities include all events open to our membership, such as the Impact Annual Meeting, Membership Reception, and Enrichment activities throughout the year. All of these events are free for our members to attend. Due to the crisis, we have already had to cancel a number of in-person training and events (with likely cancelations anticipated in the future) leading to a decrease in the year’s projected budgetary expenses. This presented an opportunity to use funds which would otherwise be stagnant for the next few months to address the unprecedented and urgent unmet needs of our community. In keeping with our mission of One Woman, One Vote, the Advisory Group agreed to give each Impact member the option to redirect 50% of this year’s $100 membership fee towards the NJ Pandemic relief fund. Our careful stewardship of a prudent operating reserve has allowed us this one-time flexibility to meet the challenges ahead.

5. What if I don’t opt in to the Impact 100 Jersey Coast Pandemic response fund?

We intentionally structured the program so that each member could make her own decision about this portion of her donation. If you decide not to opt-in to the Impact JC Pandemic response fund, your full $100 annual membership fee will continue to support critical expenses within the Impact 100 Jersey Coast budget.

6. Will we receive updates on NJPRF efforts?

We plan to keep members apprised of the general NJPRF initiatives both state-wide and in Monmouth county.  Wherever possible we would share how our funding, along with other foundations and individual donations, are helping with pandemic relief on a multitude of levels.

7. When do I have to decide if I will opt in by?

Please be sure to submit your choice on or before April 15, 2020, so we can calculate and announce the total amount that we will grant to the NJPRF.  We will send a final reminder to anyone who has not made a choice. For any members who do not respond by April 15th we will keep your $50 as initially planned for Impact budget support.

8. Given the COVID-19 crisis will there be any changes to the Impact JC grant process?

 After much deliberation and reflection, Impact JC will stay the course and provide four equal six-figure grants to our 2020 recipients and continue with our traditional grant review process and collective member vote in November 2020.   Our 2020 application will acknowledge the enormous challenges facing the nonprofit sector at this uncertain and difficult time. While our funding focus will continue to be on new or expanded projects or programs, we will be broadening our scope this year to allow for proposals for funding to strengthen or sustain an existing project/program given that the non-profits may have different/higher general operating needs (such as a salary for a volunteer coordinator) or unforeseen budgetary expenses (such as deep cleaning or additional transportation costs) over the course of the upcoming months and beyond.  However, from a process standpoint we are committed to minimum disruption, which we hope will be helpful to both our applicants and review committee members.

9. What other ways is Impact 100 JC responding to the crisis?

We are uniquely positioned as a giving circle to respond in a number of ways while remaining true to the Impact model and grants process that our members signed up for.

a)  Immediate steps: we are committed to being as flexible and nimble as possible and have relaxed our grant payments and reporting requirements for our current grantees to ensure they are able to use Impact funds in the most relevant, responsive way for the people that they serve.

b)  Intermediate steps: we are reaching out to both current and past grantees, and previous site visit recipients, to invite them to update their wish lists with urgent COVID-19 specific items which we will share with our members.

c)  Longer term: there is no doubt that the aftermath of this crisis is going to be extremely challenging – particularly for the underserved populations most in need of our support.  Impact’s model means that we’ll be in a position to make transformational, high impact grants to help with recovery and/or sustainability, at a time when other grantmakers may have already spent down much of their annual funding.

10. How else can I help with pandemic relief?

We encourage you to visit our list of current and past grantees here. These organizations need your help more than ever.

As we receive updated wish lists that highlight COVID-19 related needs, we will share those on our Wish List page so please check there for ways you can help provide rapid response support to our local nonprofits.