How to Apply

Thank you to all who participated in our 2020 Nonprofit Applicant Information webinars. A recording of the first session is available HERE, and you can download a copy of the presentation deck HERE.



Nonprofits are asked to please check eligibility requirements and submit the eligibility form. The deadline for submitting 2020 eligibility forms has now passed. If you are a non-profit and have any questions about the process, please email



Eligible applicants were emailed a link with an official grant application. The deadline for submitting these was June 1, 2020.

Our Application Preview can help applicants prepare their proposal.

This document is for information purposes only. Please do not return this form to Impact 100 Jersey Coast. 

As part of the proposal, applicants must submit a Project Budget Form. This template can be accessed via the application link. The total project/program budget must be equal to the grant amount.

Applications will be accepted up until June 1, 2020. Applicants may only submit one application per year in one of five focus areas and their organization and proposed project/program must be in accordance with Impact 100 Jersey Coast grant guidelines and eligibility. Impact 100 Jersey Coast will acknowledge each application received.


Site Visit

In August, each Focus Area Committee (FAC) selects up to five semifinalists and contacts these organizations to schedule site visits. The objective of the sites visits are to complete the due diligence review and resolve any final questions. FAC representatives will conduct the site visits and report their evaluations to the larger committee and financial review team.



FACs select three to five finalists across the five focus areas. In October, we notify the finalists and invite them to make a brief presentation to the members of Impact 100 Jersey Coast at our Annual Membership Meeting in mid-November.

At the meeting, finalists present their proposed project/program, members vote by individual ballot for their choice (each member has a single and equal vote), an independent auditor immediately tallies the votes, and we announce the grant recipient.

Prior to the release of funds, the grant recipient must complete a Grant Service Agreement with Impact 100 Jersey Coast, which outlines fund distribution and benchmarks (dependent on timeline). The grant recipient must submit periodic reports (narrative and financial) on the project/program, as specified in the Grant Service Agreement. We invite the grant recipient to present to membership at the annual gatherings to share news of progress to date and outcome of the project/program upon completion.

Important: Impact 100 Jersey Coast is committed to a fair, unbiased grant process. We ask that applicants do not contact members of Impact 100 Jersey Coast, as all members are required to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the grant process. Please direct all questions to