Frequently Asked Questions


Our nonprofit organization is interested in applying for a grant. How should we get started?

We’re excited that your nonprofit organization is interested in applying for a grant from Impact 100 Jersey Coast! To begin, we invite all prospective applicants to RSVP to attend an information session and encourage you to review our eligibility requirements. We recognize the time and resources that go into submitting a grant application and require organizations to submit an Eligibility Form (available on line April 1st) to verify their eligibility before they can apply. Visit our How to Apply page for an overview of the application and review process.

Please email your questions to

When is Impact 100 Jersey Coast accepting grant applications?

We begin to accept grant applications April 3rd, 2019, when our Eligibility Form goes live on our website. Applications are due May 31st, 2019 at 5 PM.

Do we need to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI)?

No. However, in order to save your organization time and resources, we have developed an Eligibility Form (available April 1st) to verify that your organization meets the minimum requirements. Please complete the online form, and, once confirmed, we will email you a link to the application.

If you are still unsure if your organization and project/program are eligible for funding, please contact us at

Can our organization submit different grant applications in different focus areas?

No. Each nonprofit organization may submit only one application each grant cycle and must select a single focus area.

How do we determine which focus area to apply in?

We believe you are the best judge of where your project/program and your request will fit. A project/program may meet the criteria for several focus areas. For example, a project related to an afterschool arts program might fit into Arts and Culture, Education, or Children and Families. We recommend you consider which focus area best represents the emphasis of your project/program.

Can we include brochures, annual reports, or videos about our organization as part of our proposal?

No. Please do not include any additional materials other than those specified in our application. If we require further information, we will follow up with you after your proposal has been reviewed.

If the funding we need for our program or project is less than the Impact 100 Jersey Coast grant, can we submit a proposal for less than the grant amount?

No. Nonprofit organizations who apply must demonstrate the ability to fully expend the grant funds or complete the project/program within the 24-month timeframe.

What Constitutes a Collaboration (rather than a ‘Partnership’) for the purposes of the Impact application?

A collaboration exists when two or more qualifying nonprofit organizations have the responsibility of managing and contributing to the proposed project in a significant manner, AND the Impact grant funds will be shared between them (please note, if funding is not being shared, we consider this a ‘partnership’ not a ‘collaboration’. It would be a regular, single applicant submission and the partnership details should be included under the ‘Project Narrative’ section). For a Collaboration, one organization would need to be identified as the lead-serving Fiscal Agent, responsible for completing the grant application and primarily responsible for financially managing the grant funds. The other collaborating organization will provide their organizational and financial information, but are not required to complete the additional sections of the grant application. Both organizations should have 501 (c)(3) status.



Does a collaborative grant application have a better chance of being selected than an application submitted by a single nonprofit organization?

No. Each grant application will be evaluated based on its own merit. Impact 100 Jersey Coast encourages collaborative efforts when the project or program warrants such an approach.

Can a nonprofit organization apply for the grant as part of a collaborative effort and then separately as an individual organization?

No. Each nonprofit organization can apply for only one grant per year, either as part of a collaborative or as an individual organization.

If you reject our proposal, will you offer us the chance to modify our application?

Unfortunately, due to our thorough review and evaluation process, we are unable to accept any modifications to applications. A rejection for each grant cycle is final. We encourage you to apply again the following year.

What if our project/program budget exceeds the total grant amount?

To be eligible, the total project/program budget must be equal to (or greater than) the amount of the Impact 100 Jersey Coast grant funds available. If your project/program exceeds the grant amount, you would need to specify exactly how the grant would be spent, including clearly defined deliverables and outcomes that are tied to the grant within your specific timeline of a maximum of 24 months (on your Application and accompanying Project Budget Form) and outline how the additional funds would be accounted for (on your Project Budget Form).

Why does the grant require a new project, expansion of an existing program, or a new or expanded expanded collaboration?

An Impact 100 Jersey Coast grant is designed to be truly transformative for both the recipient organization and those it serves. By providing significant funding for a transformative project, we strive to empower the organization to ‘dream big’ and think creatively about ways to enhance, transform, or improve its current work. In turn, that transformative project successfully meets an unmet need, in a truly impactful way, with goals that clearly demonstrate high impact within an agreed-upon time period.

Projects can either be short term (i.e. strictly for a one- or two-year timeframe supported by the grant funds) or ongoing, as long as plans for sustainability are included.


How does Impact 100 Jersey Coast select a grant recipient?

We accept applications in five focus areas, each with its own Focus Area Committee (FAC) comprised of Impact 100 Jersey Coast members. These FACs carefully evaluate the applications. After this review process, they choose semifinalists and may elect to request site visits to learn more about the organization or answer any last questions. FACs will then nominate 3 to 5 finalists.

All finalists are invited to attend our Annual Membership Meeting to present their proposed project/program to our members. There, each member casts her vote, and that vote determines the grant recipient. Grant awards are announced at the conclusion of this meeting, and grant funds are distributed shortly thereafter upon the execution of a Grant Service Agreement.

What are some of the reasons applicants may not be selected as a finalist?
  • The goal, objectives, and impact of the grant are not clearly defined.
  • The grant project/program may not demonstrate the ability to fully expend the grant funds or complete the project within the 24-month timeframe.
  • The grant project/program, if designed to be ongoing, does not show how it will be sustained at the end of the grant.
  • Another organization may exist to meet the need addressed by the proposed project/program.
  • The project/program budget is not clear or well defined.
  • The grant project/program does not demonstrate or explain the need in Monmouth County.
How will we know if we have been named a semifinalist?

The Focus Area Committees make decisions between June and September. If you are a semifinalist, we will call you at the phone number provided on your application. All other applicants will be notified by email.

Should we expect Impact 100 Jersey Coast to make a site visit?

Not all applicants will receive a site visit. Site visits occur after each committee has selected semifinalists. The chair of the respective committee reviewing your grant application will then contact you. A site visit is not a guarantee of funding.


What type of communication can we expect from Impact 100 Jersey Coast during the grant process?

Until semifinalists are selected for site visits, all communication between grant applicants and Impact 100 Jersey Coast must originate with Impact 100 Jersey Coast and will be conducted via email. After we select the semifinalists, contact will originate from the appropriate committee chair and/or our financial review team.

Whom can we contact with questions?

Before you submit an application, you may email us at with questions regarding the grant guidelines, process, or forms. After your submission, if Impact 100 Jersey Coast has questions about your grant application, we will contact you.

Impact 100 Jersey Coast is committed to a fair, unbiased process. As such, we are unable to accept unsolicited communication related to topics other than questions about the guidelines, process, or forms. We ask that you do not contact members of Impact 100 Jersey Coast to discuss or lobby for your application unless you are contacted for additional information.

If we are not a grant recipient, will you let us know how we can improve our application?

While we know how helpful feedback can be, we are unable to give direct feedback on your application. If possible, we will try to highlight any major themes that our Focus Area Committees have identified in their review process.


If we submit a proposal that is not funded, how soon can we reapply for another grant?

An organization that receives a grant shall not be permitted to apply to Impact for additional funding for a minimum of three years from the date of the grant agreement. Organizations are not selected to receive a grant may apply again the following year.

If we submit a proposal and are awarded a grant, how soon can we reapply for another grant?

An organization that receives a grant shall not be permitted to apply to Impact for additional funding for a minimum of three years from the date of the grant agreement. Organizations that do not receive a grant may apply again the following year.

After we are awarded a grant, what is required within the grant period?

Prior to the release of funds, a grant recipient must complete a Grant Service Agreement. Impact 100 Jersey Coast may distribute grants in installments, depending on the nature of the project or program. Grant recipients must submit periodic reports to Impact 100 Jersey Coast, as specified in the Grant Service Agreement.

What is the period of time in which the money must be spent?

A project/program should expend the funding within two years, following award of the grant. For example, the recipient of a grant awarded in October 2018 must expend the funds by October 2020.


Can I be a member of Impact 100 Jersey Coast, if I am a staff or board member of an applying nonprofit organization?

Yes. If you are part of an applying nonprofit organization, you can be member of Impact 100 Jersey Coast. You can even sit on a Focus Area Committee, but not one that reviews your organization’s proposal.