Our Approach

We are committed to continuing our grantmaking in whatever ways we can, be it virtually or otherwise, and we are also busy exploring ways we can most effectively respond to the needs of our communities most vulnerable populations and be as supportive as possible to our nonprofits serving them.

We are coordinating with other Impact groups, local grantmakers and nonprofits to ensure we remain connected, nimble and responsive in the face of this crisis. We will be updating you all with latest Impact news and developments as we move forward into the 2020 Grant Cycle.

Thank you to all who participated in our 2020 Nonprofit Applicant Information webinars! A recording is available HERE, and you can download a copy of the presentation deck HERE.  If you have any questions please email us at grants@impact100jerseycoast.org.

Focus Areas

Impact 100 Jersey Coast strives to provide at least one grant of $100,000 each year to a nonprofit organization serving the Monmouth County area. Total funding is determined by the number of members who join our giving circle by the close of our Membership Drive in March of each year. We fund projects with high potential for community impact in the following focus areas:

  1. Arts and Culture: Projects or programs that develop greater artistic and cultural opportunities, and improve participation in the arts or arts education in our communities.
  2. Children and Families: Projects or programs that strengthen the lives of children and families in our communities.
  3. Education: Projects or programs that advance or improve learning opportunities for children and/or adults in our communities.
  4. Environment, Parks and Recreation: Projects or programs that promote a positive and sustainable relationship between humans and their environment; preserve or enhance open and public spaces; or support environmental education and awareness in our communities.
  5. Health and Wellness: Projects or programs that improve the physical and/or mental well-being of people living in our communities.

This short video explains exactly how our grant process works. One woman, one donation, one vote. 

Grant Process


Nonprofit organizations interested in applying must confirm their eligibility by completing and submitting an Eligibility Form. The form will be available on April 3, 2020 and needs to be submitted by May 15, 2020.


Eligible nonprofits may apply for grant funding in one of five focus areas by our June 1, 2020 deadline.


Focus Area Committees (FACs), comprised of members, evaluate grant applications. After a thorough analysis and financial review, semifinalists are selected and site visits are scheduled.


FACs select finalists to present at the Annual Membership Meeting in November, where:

  • Each member casts a single (and equal) vote for a nonprofit of her choice.
  • The grant recipient(s) is determined by majority vote and announced at the close of the meeting.

For additional details about our grant process and our upcoming information sessions for prospective applicants, visit our How to Apply page.

Learn More

Please contact grants@impact100jerseycoast.org for more information.